Add Friends With Like Interests

Being designed as a social networking site, Facebook encourages the networking between old and newly found friends to add to the list, for the purpose of sharing information, news and other happenings. People You Understand Perhaps the first step would be to log on to the Facebook entity to start the search for either old, lost connections or find and make new connections. Going to the “my friends” page will allow the individual the opportunity to have a quick view of the lists of current friends and some details about them. Also accessing the “friend finder” tab or “search your address book” will allow for the contact details to be viewed. When all the relevant details are correctly entered the individual’s email and password will be able to get the contacts from Hotmail, AOL, Gmail, MSN and Yahoo in the drop down menu phase. Upon clicking the page featuring the external address book specification will be visible and this will include even those already recorded as friends on Facebook. The final step would be to then click on those that interest the individual to be requested as friends, upon which the receiving party will either decline or accept the promoting, and respond accordingly. Once the contact list is made available, writing posting that is individual and personal in its style rather that one format fits all is a more professional way on initiating contact. This individualistic design will help to create the sense of sincerity and honesty. When some form of acknowledgement is evident, thanking the other party for the response is equally important. Also to be included for maximum social marketing exposure is the posting of material that includes the websites, twitter account, links and any other self explanatory platforms used for the furtherance of the endeavor being touted.