Addressing Anxiety And Depression

The Issues Most people would be able to find a connection between the actual depression and anxiety issues that are brought on by the gambling and vice versa. However tacking this alone would be quite a feat and would probably cause the individual to eventually give up and give in to the gambling habit all over again. This of course is not the main intention of bring light to the connections, but is actually one way of making the individual aware of just how damaging the gambling habit has become. One of the reasons it has been hard to separate the anxiety issues and the close connection it has to the gambling habit would lie in the fact that the gambling addiction is very much a rather lonely, isolating and demoralizing disorder, thus the need for the support group would present the ideal platform for understanding and eventual support sought. The compulsiveness of the gambling addiction act would further create the stress and chaos that causes the individual to be despondent, experience lack of sleep, hopelessness, helplessness, low self esteem, sadness and even suicidal thoughts in more extreme cases. The group counseling session will help the individual to understand and acknowledge that there is a very real possibility of being able to look toward a better future sometime down the road if the commitment to beat the gambling addiction is complete and evident. This will allow the individual to at least have a glimpse of what might be possible if the resolve is evident to beat the habit.