Beef Up Your Commitment

For any teamwork exercise to work at its optimum the team building aspect of the exercise should ideally address the issue of commitment. This particular element is almost completely instrumental in providing the platform for successful results. Buckle Down For the level of success to be clearly evident there should be a sense of commitment, the ability to work together well, mutual understanding and accountability, access to skills and resources and any other connective elements that would positively contribute to the success of the team work. When those making up the team effort especially the ones higher in the hierarchy cannot establish some level of commitment of themselves and from all the participating members, there will be serious problems within the flow of the project. Understanding the importance of commitment and ensuring this fact is firmly established should be done almost immediately at the onset of the project undertaken. Providing the platforms where accountability is sought and ensuring the relevant support is provided for the eradication of elements such as doubts and fears should be implemented. This will help all concerned to air their views and help them not to feel pressured to commit but instead want to commit willingly and completely to the project. There will be fewer answers like “maybe, could be, perhaps” and instead more firm “yes” committing scenarios. Part of team building is to understand that most times people avoid firm commitment because they more often than not get caught up in the process of doubts. These doubts could stem from the other participants, the project matter itself, the impacts the project will create negative or otherwise, the time frames projected and many other factors. All these doubts and more usually precede any meaningful commitment made thus it should be addressed adequately. By effectively addressing these issues and sorting out the possible problems through the anticipation process the leaders of the team should be able to provide the necessary supporting tools to help all involved to pass through this stage efficiently so as not to cause any hiccups in the actual project process.