Decide What Extras To Include In Your E-book Package

Designing an eBook is no longer just that. There should be other beneficial element added to the general make up of the eBook to make it more competitive. Exploring the various possibilities would be advantageous and definitely create the platform for more interest and revenue earnings. The Extras The first and important step to take would be to ensure the material posted is done in a PDF format although HTML versions are also acceptable though not as accommodating. Apart from the revenue earning potential there is also the fact that ebooks present opportunities that ordinary printed information lacks. Without restrictions in place such as using incompatible formats, the viewer should be able to access many platforms from the actual article posted. Understanding that simply be default the PDF format is searchable thus making is especially user friendly for “how to” eBook contents and other styles of reference works. From the viewers point of view, finding and accessing information should be made easy and quick therefore making the text “clickable” would be advantageous. Being able to click on a particular chapter, title or any segment and then having it immediately pop up is something that would be time and energy saving thus be looked upon favorably. Providing further extras such as facilitating a link on the eBook that opens a web page or even starts an email is also a good idea. With this facility the viewer can easily make other references from different sources and also access web links. The email pop up can be used to get immediate feedback from the viewer which would help the host to address any shortcomings. Making recommendations on other products, services or businesses can also be done in the eBook. When the viewer clicks through to the site where the new information is being posted the affiliate program can then bring in extra revenue to the host.