Decide What Extras You May Need Like Staff etc.

Once a marketing strategy has been formatted it needs to be analyzed carefully to see what additional resources and or personnel need to be secured to ensure that the marketing can commence successfully. What Is Needed The services of advertising agency personnel and web designers may well be needed initially to design the promotional package. If the campaign is sizeable it may be necessary for sales representatives and promoters to be employed as it is may well be necessary for selling in to be done to consumers. The employment of these additional staff may require additional transport and office space. The extra staff may need the support of additional administrative staff. Certain marketing strategies may need the temporary use of additional selling space such as an outpost within a mall or the else the setting up of promotional merchandising display stands within shops or at trade fares. The additional space will need to be sourced and rented, set up and manned. It may be necessary to have to employ short term contract sales staff to man such establishments. With the addition of extra sales floor area it may mean that it is necessary to have additional banking facilities such as eftpos terminals along with additional tills. Such things will need to be purchased or hired. A marketing strategy that brings about increased sales will require extra merchandise to service the campaign and the storage of such needs to be considered. Additional warehousing may have to be sourced, purchased or rented in order to store the product. With increased stock volumes come the issue of logistics and more distributors may be necessary, if so additional vehicles and transportation could also become a necessary consideration and expenditure. Careful planning and forethought given to all these hidden extras will ensure the success of the strategic marketing.