Defining execution

If vision defines your goals then execution gets you to those goals. The success of any individual or business organization relies on its potential to convert a plan into reality. People who follow through putting their plan into action with a solid strategy often achieve those goals. Businesses that take on a logical and disciplined approach to doing things use many different techniques to convert their ideas into outcomes.

 A word of caution- Execution is never perfect from the start so be ready to face obstacles along the way. No matter how solid your idea may sound to you, you need to realize that the path to getting that idea executed and achieving results will be a constant work in progress. There really is no way that you or anyone else on your squad can know from the get-go what the end outcome will look like.

 Your part in all of this is to make sure that actions are continuous and that change is welcome rather than spending time in the planning stages.

Some common pitfalls to avoid( especially in business scenarios) along the way can include the following:

* Spending too long on the planning phase

* Wanting to implement all phases at once

* Making money a priority in the project, and not the project itself

* Allowing personal feelings to keep others from helping

 * Acting alone and not consulting with the team