Determine Attendees And Location

Once an organization has established that it needs to organize a workshop there has to be time allocated to establishing the exact reason why it is felt that a workshop is necessary. The Plan Thought has to be given to what needs to be developed within an organization or what needs to be addressed and improved. Once that has been ascertained it is possible to give consideration to which personnel ought to attend the workshop in order to benefit from it. When the proposed number of workshop attendees has been established then the next item to be addressed is the location of the venue for the workshop. Personnel should only attend workshops that are relevant to them and the work that they are doing. Nothing will be gained by issuing blanket attendance request to task specific or skill specific workshops. Staff whose sphere of interest is not part of the proposed workshop parameters will only become bored and dissatisfied and not only that they have been removed from their work station and production will suffer by their absence from work to attend a meaningless workshop. From time to time there will be certain workshops that are pertinent to all staff members but usually that is not the case. Once the total number of attendees of a proposed workshop has been determined then it is possible to give consideration to finding a suitable venue. Somewhere will have to be found that will accommodate all attendees in a satisfactory manner. The size of the venue is important for whilst too small a venue will obviously be unsuitable so till will be too large a space. As most workshops incorporate sessions involving group work the proposed venue has to be able to have spaces where groups can adjourn to. Thought will have to be given to how suitable or otherwise a venue will be to supporting necessary technology for the workshop. Consideration will have to be given to basic logistics such as accessibility to the venue and car parking, along with provision for such basics as food and beverages and sufficient bathroom facilities for the number of attendees.