Develop Rituals For Intimacy

Intimacy is essentially important for a married couple. Intimacy brings closeness and togetherness between a couple, either through the feeling of love or sexual relations. Therefore, developing rituals for intimacy is a form of responsibility one must have towards his/her spouse. These are some rituals you can consider developing. Closeness Stay attractive. Do not be boring to look at; make yourself attractive to seek attention from your spouse. Try something special on occasionally. Dress smartly when going out with her your spouse one day. Put on light make-up even just taking him a lunch. Send each other love messages during the day. At work, take some time to call up your spouse to say a few nice words. Send some love messages through texts or e-mail to tell him/her “I love you”. This positive act will surely gain admiration from your spouse. Exchange massages. After a long day of work, it would be fun to have your spouse give you foot rubs or a massage on the back. Hence, do the same for your spouse. Meanwhile, you can share stories or thoughts with your spouse, where intimacy comes along the way. Carry out recreational activities together. Take a short walk together. Go for a jog together. Cycle together. Exercising not only benefits you in maintenance of your physical health and relieves mental stress; it also bonds a couple closer together, as you are able to have your spouse join you in your daily routine. Cuddle each other when watching television. There will be times when you and your spouse choose different television programs or follow different program schedules. Still, be there with your spouse. Sit with your spouse, try to understand the program he/she is watching, and cuddle with him/her. This creates a feeling of warmth between a couple.