Discussing How Children Will Be Disciplined

This is another very important area where agreements on how to discipline the child are important. Discipline If it is not possible to agree then the parents should consider the idea of agreeing to disagree on some of the elements within this platform of discipline, or alternatively decide on leaving the discipline to one party only. However this is never an ideal solution and should only be used as a last resort where both parties are unable to agree on one particular style. Children today are very smart little humans and they will catch on very quickly on any crack within the solidarity stand parent take on the issue of disciple. This will of course lead to the children learning how to play one parent of the other in order to get what they want which is almost always not good for them in the long run. Therefore in the quest to present a united front, both parents have a duty to first agree on a set of disciplinary formats that will be used throughout the upbringing of the children. The following are a few tips on how to go about this very tricky business of disciplining children: The first thing to practice would be to disagree on any disciple issue privately. This is very important as the idea would be to present a united front when facing the child on a discipline issue. The other important point would be to decide which party would take the lead in the actual discipline exercise and ensure this elected party completes the whole process. Ideally there is be no shift in the lead position, as this will be deemed a weakness and the child will learn how to manipulate this perceived weak link to their advantage. The consistency of the method of discipline should also be discussed and meted out accordingly. Children are more inclined to listen and obey when there is a level of consistently evident.