Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

The breaking of a resolution should not cause someone to give up their resolution. We have to remember that we are human and to err is human. We will all make mistakes and the breaking of resolutions is almost inevitable as to change human behavior is slow and very difficult. We must keep reminding ourselves that it is normal to break a resolution. It is important that we adopt a different mindset to resolution breaking and see it not as a failure but as a step along the way to achieve our goal. Take A Breath If we break our resolutions we should try to be positive and see it as an opportunity to learn a lesson. What we should do is reflect very carefully on what it was that caused us to break our resolution and identify the obstacle. Once the obstacle has been identified we should set about ensure that the set of circumstances that allowed us to break our resolve isn‟t repeated again. We should remember that the change is slow and we should also reward ourselves for every small step reached along the way to reaching our goal.