The Downfall Of Not Teaching Your Child Good Decision Making

Some parents are so afraid of allowing the children the freedom of making their own decision that they almost always force the children to follow anything and everything dictated to by the parents itself. Final Tips The consequences of this damaging habit can be very far reaching and certainly not beneficial to the child eventually. Children who are not exposed to making decision from a young age will usually end up being very dependent on others and totally unable to fend for themselves. If the children are of a young age, this type of situation or personality trait is acceptable and even desired by some parents, however as the child progresses in age, being too dependent on others is a bad trait to follow. Besides the negativity of being too dependent on others, there is also the other negative connotation that eventually creates a personality that is happy to go along with anything, even if the idea seem repulsive or unacceptable to the child. This too is not a good personality trait to develop as the child will never learn to be assertive and would probably be bullied a lot. This bulling can even spill over into the adult life when the child grows to and faces the real world. Parent should learn to understand and accept that there is some importance is teaching a child how to make good decisions and not always rely on others to make the decision for them.