Executive Coaching | Standalone Coaching | Post-Workshop Coaching

    1. Standalone Coaching
We provide skilled executive coaches that work with high potentials and senior managers over an extended period of time to support their transition to the next level of leadership effectiveness. This includes the following steps:
      • 360° feedback
      • Discussion of the feedback with the coach
      • Finalization of business goals with direct manager
      • Declaration of behavioural goal to direct manager and key stakeholders
      • Coaching calls with the executive coach for 3-6 months
      • Feedback from direct manager and key stakeholders on changes observed
      • Final discussion with coach on overall learning, next steps and sustainability
    1. Post-Workshop Coaching
Our leadership effectiveness programs are normally followed by one on one coaching of the participants by a Stillwater coach. Participants work on the goals chosen by them during the workshop and have coaching conversations with their coach over 3 months. The coaching helps participants deepen their learning from the workshop as well as internalize new beliefs and behaviours as they work towards achieving their stretch goals.     ibf  ibf uk  International Business Federation International Business Federation uk  Dr Rajeev gupta  rajeev gupta  dr rajeev dr gupta dr rajeev gupta uk