Explore Your Personal Values

Every individual should have their own value system in place and this is usually formed as the individual ages from a young adult into a more matured and productive participant in society. Having good values in place will help the person through life’s journey and will be guiding point for most decisions made. What Is Expected Being able to explore the values of an individual and as a couple would be something that would be worth doing for many reasons of which compatibility would be the most important one to consider. Having compatible values will not only make the growth of the relationship more positive and workable, it will also help to keep them committed to the relationship through thick and thin. These values will help to define how both parties within the relationship think, behave, and look upon each other thus making it the driving force behind the relationship. Some of the core elements that would define an individual’s value system would have to include ambition, competency, individuality, equality, service, responsibility, respect, dedication, accountability, empowerment, wisdom, independence, persistency, optimism, flexibility and a host of other connective mental and physical thought processes. Most values are made up as the individual goes through various experiences in life or through family values being passed on. These values are seen clearly through the way an individual functions in daily life and this is a very good way to gauge a person’s suitability as a potential partner within a relationship. Having good values in place and also having the values that are compatible or complimenting will help both parties feel more comfortable and relaxed within the relationship. This is especially important when there are major decisions to be made as a couple, where the values would play a pivotal role in the process.