Format of Front-End

Your front-end product can be in many forms, such as e-book, videos with a compilation of transcripts, graphics, and many more. If you are familiar with the marketplace for digital products, these are the 3 common formats that being used for years. As I already mentioned earlier, understanding your target market is really important. The more you understand about your target market, the more you are familiar with their preference. For instance, for the Internet marketing niche, people there in the market couldn‟t afford to spend too much time reading. The ever-changing environment and platforms in the Internet marketing niche doesn‟t allow them to spare their time. Hence, most of them prefer to have videos and transcripts instead of a book. Once again, this is not a „must‟ rule to follow, you can offer ebook as your front-end as well. Writing an e-book brings more advantages to you compared to publishing a physical book. It saves you from the tiring logistic work to publish the book, as well as saving you some budget to be used in other important tasks.(Not to mention, the trees will love you for it!) All you need to do is just write the content, upload the file. That is just it. You can see how convenient it is to write an e-book. However, here‟s a tip for you. After some time of publishing e-books, you can repurpose the e-book by turning it into a physical book and sell it with a higher price. You may have to go through all the labor that you are spared from by doing an e-book instead. But, consider the ebook platform as the stepping-stone. We choose it because it‟s easier and we can ease in into publishing physical books later on. You can compile the related e-books of yours that you‟ve created it long time ago, tweak a bit of the content, and resell it with a higher price. Only drawback is that you have to complete the logistic works, print it out and send it to the customers‟ doorstep. Nevertheless, it‟s worth your time to be invested to do this. A physical book that is delivered to the doorsteps of your house is more exclusive than the e-book that you can download anytime in the marketplace. Some of the serious buyers may want to have a hard copy of your product, because it is easier and more accessible (in some ways). You can do this once in a while, to test out the conversion rate of selling a physical book as well. If selling physical book does work, you can consider offering it as one of your Upsells. Other than in a book format, you can make it in the form of video training course with the compilation of transcripts. This can be said the most common format in the marketplace nowadays. As I already mentioned earlier, while some of the people can study and learn better through reading, some people learn better with watching and listening. In addition, to be frank, people who love to read are getting lesser in recent years. Part of the reason is because of the busy daily schedule due to their work, as well. Not many people can squeeze extra time to read a 100-page book, instead, they wouldn‟t mind to listen. This is one of the many reasons why audiobooks are „in‟ nowadays.People just don‟t have the time anymore or perhaps, they‟re getting more and more impatient, hence, the short attention span. If you can make 100 pages‟ worth of content into a 20 to 30 minutes course, why not? They can at least listen to the content of the training course, and if they miss out anything, they can refer to the transcript. However, e-book can be sometimes sold hand-in-hand with the videos and transcripts. You can offer both at the same time and put your price slightly higher. If you worry about the price being too high selling both at the same time, repurpose the e-book and make it a free report for your subscribers. Take note about this, a free report is usually a shorter version and a more general version of the actual e-book. For instance, if your e-book is about generating traffic through different methods, you can retitle the free report to “How To Get Instant Traffic Through Buying Solo Ad”. You are giving the first method as a teaser for them to understand about traffic generation. If they are serious about their business, they will buy your front-end to learn more about it. These are the ideal customers you should target on, instead of getting only names for your „subscribers list‟, you can increase your „buyers list‟ as well. Graphics is another niche that is a large market. Whoever owns a website will need graphics; whoever needs to do presentation needs graphics as well. This is a potential large market that you can try on. There are few front-end products that you can start with: – PowerPoint or Keynotes template, – Infographics, – Mascot creator The list can go on and on, but these are a few common graphic frontend that you could found in the marketplace.