Gaming Addiction Group Basics

The Basics Symptoms of game addiction are, * preoccupation with gaming * craving more time to play video games * drop in performance at work or school * feeling ecstatic world gaming * forgets about time when gaming * goes into depression when not gaming * lies about playing video games * problems at work or at school * social withdrawal from friends and family * spends more than 6 hours online per day Physical symptoms of gaming addiction are backache, dry eyes, headache, neckache, weight loss, and weight gain, sleeping disorder, poor personal hygiene and carpal tunnel syndrome. The right way of approaching a loved one that is suspected to have gaming addiction is by being sensitive to them. Tell them the facts about their behavior and social solitary confinement. Try and get expert medical treatment as soon as possible. The most effective treatment for video game addiction is psychotherapy and medication. Parents and loved ones can also lend support by participating in family or group therapy.