Get Rid Of The Temptations

In order to overcome an addiction, you have to recognize the temptations of the addiction. Get A Grip When you know what are the temptations to the addiction you can try to avoid them. To do so you need self control. Most addiction happens due to failures of self control. Executive control is the ability to control unwanted behaviors. It also refers to a collection of cognitive functions such as attention, planning, memory, initiating actions and inhibiting them. When our impulses get the better of us, a failure in executive control is often the cause and blame. These failures can be diminished by training our working memory. It is believed that people with less working memory have poor executive functioning and training working memory improves executive control. Working memory is at work when the brain is busy working on analysis of what you are doing. That means if you are doing or experiencing a new hobby or interest, your working memory is also functioning and is in control. No time for failures to creep in. Less chance to be tempted back onto the addiction. You can also help yourself by ensuring that you ask for assistance from family and friends. They can assist you by ensuring that you spend as little time as possible by yourself. This will help eliminate temptations and cravings for your addiction. They can also help you in taking up new hobbies and interests which will all contribute in enhancing your working memory. As time goes by, you might start to like some of these new hobbies or interests and totally forget about your addiction. Spend more time doing these new healthy interests. When this happens you are now on the road to recovery. Take the time to thank all family and friends for their support and assistance.