What is the GROW coaching model?

The GROW model offers the coach a simple yet effective framework for goal setting and problem solving. The grow model works with a collaboration between a coach and a student to work towards achieving goals. As a leader the coach who may be a manager, a seasoned entrepreneur, a teacher or anyone in a similar position who can help a subordinate make better decisions, solve problems that may be holding them back learn new skills and otherwise progress ahead in their careers. So how does GROW work towards achieving goals? Referring to an earlier example of taking a trip- first you decide where you want to go (Goal) then establish where you currently are (Reality). Then you look at all the possible routes to your destination (Options) before you establish the way (Will) to commit to making the journey and getting ready for any obstacles along the way. Let’s break that down for easy understanding. Goals- the most important part of the coaching phase is to define and agree on the goals to be achieved. Coaching begins with determining a relevant goal. This could be anything from, a developmental goal, a performance goal, a problem to tackle, or even a decision to make. Such individual goal setting is very important for execution as we have previously seen in earlier chapters. If the goal seems overwhelming at the initial stage, try breaking it up into smaller fragments before moving on.