Have A Can Do Mentality

For a large portion of society things don‟t come easy and there are no “free” hand outs at every turn, thus the needs to be strong and adopt the “can do” attitude very early on in life Change Your Thinking With this positive attitude firmly in place very few obstacles can pose a problem as the individual will be able to look at it in a more positive light. Having a can do mentality takes practice and perseverance, and it is not impossible to adopt. Some of the tools to help cultivate this positive mentality are as follows:  Always have a healthy measure of faith both in the endeavor being explored and in one‟s own capability. This is perhaps the most important ingredient to ensure any successful experience. This faith will see the individual through when things seem difficult and failure look possible.  Being as knowledgeable as possible will also contribute positively to this mental go getting state of mind. When one is knowledgeable, tackling different tasks and experiences will not be daunting and have an advantage that only knowledge can provide.  Being a go getter also means that shyness is not part of one‟s personality. Being shy will dampen any attempts to be open to opportunities, thus should strive to keep this particular personality trait well under control.  Looking the part is also recommended when one is pursuing success. This does not necessarily mean dressing expensively or having expensive accessories or toys. It simply means displaying the confidence that is needed to ensure other parties are impressed enough to relax and accept one‟s point of view on whatever is being discussed.  Learn how to “wow” people with your personality and knowledge without coming off boorish or pompous. This is an art that when practiced to refinement, can enable the solicitation of almost anything from anyone.