Have A Mindset For Change

New Year resolutions are difficult to keep. Most resolutions require us to change a form of behavior or circumstance. Particular behaviors have been formed over many years and to bring about change in them will require a lot of patience, time and effort. Changes will not occur overnight but they will occur. How You Look At It People have a much greater chance of keeping their resolutions if they have a positive mindset and are willing to be persistent. It is a good idea to focus on what the resolution will add to a person‟s life rather than what it will take away. For example it is better to have a positive mindset and think about eating more healthy foods rather than thinking about eating less unhealthy food. Really wanting to bring about a change and focusing on one resolution is going to help an individual to succeed. Once the goal has been clearly formulated it is important to visualize the success and to try to remain thinking positively. The goal should be written and reproduced and highly visible. It could be in an appointment diary, on the computer desk top, on post it notes on the fridge, and on banners around the room indeed, wherever it can be placed to remind the person of their goal. Enlisting the help and support of family and friends and joining a group of like inspired persons will improve the chances of success. It is important to bear in mind that the resolution will be broken but that must not be seen as a failure. Instead any lapse should be reviewed as a learning opportunity. Renewing motivation will be helpful too. When it gets hard for an individual to persist with their resolution they should remind themselves of the reason why they are endeavoring to change or improve. They must remind themselves of what they have to gain by achieving their goal.