The Importance Of Body Language

Body language is second only to the power of the spoken word but nonetheless just as impacting. With this in mind it is important for those venturing into the business arena be well aware of how they are presenting themselves. The Body The following are some points to be aware of when trying to make an impression: Standing – the position of the back should be straight as possible while keeping the shoulders straight and the head in an upright position. This position is meant to give the impression of being firm and confident. It also means the individual is very comfortable and at ease both with himself or herself and with the surroundings. Sitting – keeping a sitting position that is complimenting to the individual is important as no one want to be privy to any personal effects. Sitting up right at all time also gives the impression of being alert and ready to be actively involved in the situation at hand. Sitting quietly also is important as any movement will be perceived as being nervous or uncomfortable. Hands – although most people tend to wave or move their hands about when talking this should not be encouraged especially in a more formal setting. The usual connection would be the more excited the tone of the conversation the more animated the hand movements would be, therefore there is a need to consciously observe and correct this before anyone becomes embarrassed. Head movement – nodding at appropriate intervals to show acknowledgment or agreement is acceptable as long as it is not overdone. Bobbing the head too much would then cause the individual to become a joke, and so, not taken seriously. Facial expressions – this is the most telling of all body movement as it immediately informs the other party of the individual’s thoughts. Learning to control the facial expressions is a very important and needed trait to exercise.