Learn How To Use Imagery To Manifest

Imagery is an ancient technique that has its roots in the Hindu Monistic theory of the universe. The advocates of imagery believe they have the ability to affect the outer world by changing one‟s own thoughts. Imagine Famously the American Wallace Wattles in his book “Science of Getting Rich” proclaimed creative visualization as the main technique for realizing one‟s goals. Imagery as a technique to manifest, wealth and positive outcomes in life is practiced throughout the world and has many advocates. Imagery is another term for creative visualization and is the technique which underlies the power of positive thinking that is much used by athletes and sports persons to enhance performance. Practitioners believe in creating a detailed picture or plan of what one wants to happen and to visualize it over and over again with all the senses. As the imagery is being imagined the practitioners give thought to what they see, what they feel, hear and can smell. Whilst there are skeptics out there are many individuals you practice the technique and believe it to be a science claiming that its effects are measurable. Any individuals embarking on a personal development program would be well advised to include imagery as part of the program. Time needs to be set aside each day to undertake imagery. A quiet area needs to found and the mind needs to be cleared of thought. It is important to bring about a feeling of calm and tranquility and peace. Regular deep breathing whilst clearing the mind will help. The event or outcome that is to be manifested is then envisaged repeatedly. An individual working towards a promotion could image the event repeatedly or an overweight individual could image themselves slim. The belief is that the energy within the world will bring these events into being. Imagery is a powerful tool and should be utilized in personal development.