Let Your Creativity Shine

Nowhere is it stipulated that workshops have to be conducted in a specific way although many often are. Workshops are an extremely flexible and effective method for training, learning, developing, changing methodology, tem building, problem solving and virtually any organizational challenges. Let It Show It is possible for an organizer to run a workshop anyway they want. The options are as wide as the organizer’s imagination. The incorporation of different activities, materials and challenges can help to add variety and to maintain interest and involvement. Attendees can be more readily engaged if the organizer contacts the attendees before the workshop to assess what their needs are. Organizers and presenters should try to tailor the content and structure of the workshop for the particular situation and not just use the shelf formats. Unless there is a good reason for using laptops and projectors delegates should use flip chart paper and colored maker pens and hang the sheets around the walls. This enables the attendees to be more dynamic and creative than modern technology media does. Organizers should encourage people to use creative methods that are appropriate for their personal style and their learning style. Visual, spatial, creative people enjoy working with flip charts, colors and post it notes etc. People centered individuals and teams enjoy human interaction involving role plays, discussions, and mutual interviews. Logical, numerate and process oriented people are happier working with more structured planning tools and computers. Considering the needs of the attendees and being creative will greatly assist workshop success.