Make The Site Easy To Navigate And Use Color Psychology

Being able to strike a comfortable balance in the designing and content of a site is important to eventual result and the corresponding reception it is going to receive from the viewing target audience. Therefore incorporating elements such as good navigation and color psychology are important and essential to the design of the site. Make It Simple However in doing so the individual should be careful not to overwhelm the target audience with nice to look at pages that are not navigation friendly or easy to navigate pages with poorly designed content. Both pose some negativity and thus should be avoided at all costs. Having noted this, the task of incorporating both the easy navigation and the color into a site design and content should not be overly confusing, difficult or stressful. Providing an attractive menu that empowers the user with an easy to follow navigation will encourage them to feel comfortable and excited to access the information as they go along. Positioning the navigation in the same areas on all pages and using different fonts and colors is also advised. The general rule of thumb would be to ensure the visitor does not have to go around in circles clicking on links that end up not giving them what they were seeking in the first place and even worse frustrating them so much that they make up their mind not to visit the site again. The use of colors especially if they are pleasing and subtle will play on the physic perception of the viewer. However if there is a need to drive home a dynamic point then perhaps the use of more vibrant colors may be needed. Color have long been an attention grabbing tool that is widely used in advertising platforms thus using them wisely for web designs is also something to consider.