What You Miss Out On If Your Hooked On Games

What You Miss They meet new friends and also meet up with old friends and family at many of these events. With new friends comes new contacts and opportunities. New contacts are a great way of enhancing your career or business. These new contacts may give you a boost to your career or even to your business. These new contacts may even be a good lead to new places, new restaurants, new shopping areas, latest news and so on. Many people actually find their soul mates in some of these events. You also catch up on news about friends and family during these events. The reason why some people are still single is because they do not like to socialize. When you are not involved in society, you get forgotten and remain lonely. This is not much different from a person who is addicted to video games. These types of gamers spend almost all of their awake time in front of the computer playing their favorite video games. They shun away from friends and family. They dislike crowded areas. They become an outcast to friends and family. The only family they have are probably other gamers who also play the games online. They also share the same fate of loneliness and being a social outcast.