How Not Fixing Your Sleep Can Harm Your Life

Failing to give due importance to this very significant part of the human existence can and will results in some very negative results. The following are just some negative repercussions for not taking the importance of good sleeping patterns into consideration: The Downfall  Poor quality and quantity of work may become evident when there is a general lack of sleep. This will cause the individual to have lack of concentration and thus produce unacceptable work. Unnecessary mistakes and substandard work will then contribute to even bigger problems especially when the said work is a contributing part of an overall team effort. Colleagues will then begin to question the relevance of having such an individual as a team member and this may eventually lead to one‟s job being in jeopardy.  Becoming short tempered and irritable is also another negative trait that will be prevalent when there is lack of sleep. This can then lead to relationship problems. If left unchecked this negative behavior may spill into other aspects of the individual‟s life causing damage along the way that may not be salvaged.  Making rash decisions or wrong decisions is also a byproduct of not having enough sleep as the brain in unable to function at its optimum. Here too some of these decisions may cause such negative repercussions that it may be difficult if not impossible to rectify.  Once erratic sleep patterns have become the norm it may be very difficult to reestablish better and more manageable sleep routines.