Participate In The Community

Others Therefore this sort of participation will then create the platform for being a participative and actively contributing feature to the community. Using the Google plus hangout allow those involved to be able to relate to one another on a real time platform if they so choose to do so. The exchange of information in the various forms can be done in a fun way thus making this particular tool very sought after by most internet users today. Being able to have access to activities such as group video chat and group chats allows for the better community participation and thus more exchange of ideas and comments can be exercised. There is also the availability of watching the YouTube postings together, and this again creates the access to the community feature this tool enhances. Shared interest or goals can be facilitated quite effectively through the use of the Google plus hangout tool. Because of the virtual style facilitation the effectiveness of the community participation is further enhanced as the hassle of physically organizing anything can be quite taxing and often not reaping in the benefits first anticipated or desired. Although predominantly meant or designed to function as a community participation tool, there is no stipulation that those participating have to stay committed to the endeavor. The option to freely interact or leave the community’s ongoing programs is left as a personal optional feature. There is also the advantage of being able to choose the frequency of participation in the community listed events through Google plus hangouts.