Reward Loyal Supporters

An important part of keeping the loyal element alive and growing lies in the incentives given out as rewards to this perpetual commitment. Using loyalty to gain and keep the business endeavor successful is important; therefore designing attractive rewards for these loyal supporters is well worth the innovative thought process and effort. Keep Them Coming Back The following are some of the more common and rather attractive rewards that most sites use for the reward programs for loyal customers:  The offer of exclusive discounts, coupons and content material is considered among the most desirable and effective. Tying discounts to other engaging activities will also help to generate interest, revenue and even “free” advertising.  Using low cost applications to create custom fan only accessible material will also create the necessary incentives that works as effective rewards too. This style of rewards is especially enticing because it gives the recipient a sense of exclusivity that is probably unmatched.  Giving back is another concept that is much appreciated by loyal fan based visitors. The idea that their contributions are being acknowledged in the form of specially designed rewards is indeed special and thoughtful.  Designing the rewards to reflect the fact that their contributions are not only important but are also seriously considered for the opinions and feedbacks posted will ensure further long term support. Building the special rapport is a very big and important part of heightening the loyalty percentages.  Sometimes taking it a notch higher in the exclusivity platform also brings about a pleasant surprise for the fan that is being honored in an exclusive way. This would mean actually featuring the loyal fan by perhaps posting an interview with the said fan where the entire content of the post is about the fan’s loyal contribution. This sort of exclusive recognition is beneficial to both parties and to the viewing audience at large.