Safety With Poisons

Being rather curios beings, children often find themselves in trouble when they get into things that are not supposed to be into. The parent would have to take all necessary precautions to ensure the higher safety measures in place when it comes to poison based items. What’s Around The House Often parent are not alert to simple daily household items that could be considered within the poison category, thus exposing the child to unnecessary injury should the child gain access to such items. Common items such as fertilizer, antifreeze, medicines, makeup are all potentially poisonous items that can cause serious injury to a child playing with or consuming such items. When it comes to child proof medication container, it would be an added safety measure to simply place such container out of the child’s reach rather than to just depend on the safety valves in place, as this does not necessarily guarantee the child safety. Leaving medicines around even for a moment is not a good idea as a distracted parent will present the ideal opportunity for an unsupervised child to simply consume the colorful looking objects without knowing of its potentially poison elements. Children are usually good observers and almost always try to copy the actions of an adult; therefore it would be a good idea to keep items such as vitamin bottles, aspirin bottles and any other medications, away from kitchen tables, countertops, bedside tables and any other surfaces where the child can easily gain access to such objects. Also telling a child that the medicine tastes like candy is not a good idea as this will act as a great incentive to the child to gain access to the said medication. Should there be visitors staying for a period of time, the parent would also have to ensure objects such as handbags and bags that contain items such as pills and other medication be kept out of the child’s reach.