Serve Others To Develop Your Ego

The word ego has a negative connotation. It is often equated with “false self” that image of a person that they have created by themselves. Ego is accepted as a root cause of many of our delusions and sufferings. Ego is often used to describe the tendency to over inflate a person‟s self image and is often linked to greed. It implies that an individual loves themselves so much that they would attempt to try to realize their ambitions to the detriment of others. Help Out Many spiritual leaders believe in the wisdom of weakening the ego. Such persons are outnumbered by others who emphatically state that we must all build even stronger egos as our egos are our character and we should aim for having a strong character with well defined attributes. Such people believe that one way of building a stronger ego is in the direction of serving others. They believe that the stronger that an ego becomes the more an individual should push themselves to help other people. By individuals who are capable of undertaking good works or acts of philanthropy such people offer a necessary service to weaker members of society. By making service to others part of an individual‟s identity they further build and strengthen their own ego in a very positive way. There are numerous organizations such as Lions or Round Table that seek to work in this way. There is nothing negative about serving others. How can there be? Whilst doing good works can indeed make some individuals feel good this is not necessarily a bad thing. Even if a person‟s ego is strengthened by serving others that is not negative. The positives of the person‟s actions far outweigh any big headedness that unkind people might say they have adopted. It is far better for an ego to be strengthened and a needy individual to be assisted that for the needy person to be ignored.