Target Audience with Craigslist

  The key to any successful Internet marketing effort is attaining a target audience. Craigslist reaches a big audience but the size of this audience might not exactly translate to the advertiser being able to get hold of members of their target audience. There are, yet, ways to help advertisers get hold of their target audience through Craigslist.   The discussion boards featured on Craigslist supply a great opportunity for users to discover their target audience. This is crucial as misdirected advertising that doesn’t reach the target audience is worthless. Advertising on Craigslist is free but this doesn’t mean business owners have nothing to lose by advertising on Craigslist without doing marketing research first. Time, energy and additional resources may all be wasted when care isn’t taken to contact the target audience.   Visiting the discussion boards lets an Internet marketer reach the target audience by supplying insight into the members of the community and what they’re seeking in products and services. By visiting these forums, advertisers may simply lurk and take heedful note of the resulting conversations. This may provide a great deal of insight into the thoughts of the target audience including info on how to convert this audience. Advertisers who actively take part in these forums may further capitalize by engaging members of the community in conversation and soliciting feedback from them. All of this info may be used to target advertising.   The search feature on Craigslist may likewise supply useful insight which may help advertisers to locate their target audience. Advertisers may begin this process by entering keywords related to their products or services to search in assorted sections of Craigslist. Observe rivals’ ads which are returned during these searches and the sections in which these ads are posted. If rivals’ ads appear in sections which seem logical, it may be worthwhile to consider posting your own ads in these sections to ensure target audience members discover your ad when searching these sections.   Pay special attention to the keywords utilized in the ads. This is crucial because savvy Internet marketers realize the need to optimize their ads for the same keywords being utilized by rivals. Failure to do so might result in potential leads only viewing the competitors’ ads when searching for these specific keywords.