Tips to Earn Forgiveness Fast

Tips to Earn Forgiveness Fast   All of us lie many times at one point or other. Most of us know the way to apologize for a lie. But it is not always so simple to get forgiveness, particularly if you have deceived someone about a certain matter that is very critical. Still it is better to put out an effort to apologize rather than being obstinate about it even if you are not forgiven. 1: Flowers for forgiveness In case you had lied to your girl friend or you mother, flowers may help you to reduce the stress between two of you. Flowers symbolize love and peace. Flowers can work only for small lies that are not so serious enough to hamper the relationship.   Flowers will not seek the apology for you, rather you will have to ask for forgiveness and talk about the matter to get forgiven. You can use chocolates or other presents also to earn forgiveness. 2: Letters to express your sincerity If you do not have the courage to talk to the person about your mistake, you can write a heartfelt letter and acknowledge your lying. It can be the best option to ask for an apology.   You will not face any problem in writing the word or phrases, as you can edit them. Moreover, this way you will not falter, show any absurdity or get distracted from the point of your apology as may happen while meeting face-to-face.   Only problem is that your letter may not be read, particularly if the receiver is not mentally prepared to hear anything from you. It will be better to send the letter through a person who is known to both of you; so that you know it is read. 3: Keeping up the promises Once you are blocked out, you may not have any other alternative than to pledge not to lie ever again. Of course, it is a difficult solution and you should stick to your promise all times. You should be firm on your pledge and never lie about it again. This is all a matter of trust. You may invent several other methods to acknowledge and apologize for lying, but at the same time the best thing is to be always truthful. You cannot afford to lose your credibility. It is very difficult to earn it back once you have lost it.   It is true that we all lie many times on some issues. We should consider that we should avoid lying as much as we can. It is also significant that we should know how to apologize for lying. The above guidelines can be helpful.