Understand What “Type” You Are

Enneagram describes your personality. “Ennea” in Greek, means nine while “gram” means drawing. As it goes with the name itself, Enneagram shows nine personality types to define who you are. These are the nine types: Have A Look  One- The Worker. A focused, hard working, intense perfectionist. They measure everything, particularly about themselves and their performances, with perfectionism.  Two- The Helper An empathetic, sympathetic one with a sense of sensitivity on others’ needs. This type places others’ needs above their personal needs.  Three- The Motivator A work-oriented, goal-oriented, active one. This type would use abilities to look through lives of others and learn to achieve their own success. They are generally optimistic- they will try to avoid negative people.  Four- The Individualist A self-absorbed, over-analyzed one. This type is emotionally sensitive, which is both of good and bad. The good is, they are able to project their sensitivity into creativity. The bad is, they take everything too personally, which affects them most of the time.  Five- The Observer A non-committed, reserved loner. They often find things that they only have interest in to do. Their main desire is to seek knowledge and transform it to wisdom.  Six- The Networker A responsible, reassurance-seeking, secure-finding moralist. This type desires personal contact and affirmation on what they do. They also have deep needs for group relationships. They are often energetic and lively.  Seven- The Visionary An analytical, entertaining, fun-loving idealist. This type particularly enjoys life, and is easily distracted by new interests. They find it hard to follow practical plans and ideas.  Eight- The Activator  A competitive, passionate, vital one. This type generally deals directly with most situations. They are not easy to admit their wrongs, whereas prefer to make a stand.  Nine- The Universalist An easy-going, unaffected emotionally, peaceful one. This type is mostly respected by others, and is socially friendly. They can solve problems for others, and stay calm to handle situations.