Upline Basic

The Basics The following are some points to look out for when deciding if the potential up line is going to of help to the individual and to the business relationship: Perhaps the most important point to be asking or judging is that – is the individual introducing the business plan, otherwise known as the potential up line, knowledgeable enough about the business. This knowledge element is important as it is what will ensure the plan is well presented and understood by the receiving party and whether he or she is able to adequately address any possible questions posed. If the initial contact made has been friendly and not pressuring it would make the prospect feel comfortable and more likely to be interested in committing to the business. The up line should be experienced enough, patient and comfortable to talk to. Another point that would be attractive and attention grabbing is the passion the up line has for the business. This will be evident in the way the up line talk about the business. This passion can be quite a convincing tool is well played out. Good up lines will be more than willing to spend time training and explaining the business and be willing to assist the prospect in introducing the business to others. This level of commitment is important on the part of the up line as it will be the deciding factor for the new recruit on whether to join the business or not.