Use Directories

Directories One way of effectively doing this is with the use of link directories which come in the form of website directories or article directories. These tools offer a lot of advantages and are well worth the effort to incorporate into the website, as they help to elevate and improve the search engine listing constantly. The usual course of action after a site is launch would typically be the search engine spiders going to work cruising the site for the relevant points that usually affect the eventual rankings given. The indexing and listing results from these visits are then used to facilitate the ranking exercise. Providing as much assistance as possible to these spiders would be an advantage, hence the use of directory links which will lead them straight to the individual’s webpage. Some link directories or article directories use the “no follow” tags which attributes to a share of the Google Page Rank of the webpage where the site or article is published while others will use it to block any PR share, although this can still be made into a straight link for a fee. The benefits of the link are usually worth the money. Using the directories links will also facilitate the visitors to such directories easy access to clicking on the links available. Using an anchor text as the main link will sufficiently attract the interest of the visitor so one should ensure the contents of the featured articles are both informative and attention grabbing. Links that are deep into the websites will provide significant advantages in promoting the entire site in the search engine rather than just at the home page.