Using Image Descriptions

Using images will definitely contribute positively to the traffic movement towards a particular site. Therefore it would be prudent to have some knowledge on how this works and its positive contributing factors that facilitate the ideal traffic flow. Adding descriptions to any image uploaded would provide the platform for the SEO optimization as it will ensure the site is ranked higher in the search results because of the higher interest in the site’s content. Otherwise known as alt tags the purpose of the image descriptions is to help the search engine understand the contents of the images and its related matter which is designed to contribute in a complimenting capacity to the write up material. By providing the explanation platform through the alt tags the SEO is better able to adjust the ranking accordingly thus providing the encouragement to viewing the site. Therefore the more information that can be provided the better the understanding and eventual placing by the SEO would be. Through the alt the SEO is also able to direct traffic to a site when the search for images is keyed into the search exercise. The relevant images will then be directed to the ongoing search effectively and immediately the viewer will be privy to such visuals. A handy tip to remember is if there is a need to add an image to an email from the image library or website the individual will be the option available to include the image description at any time. Changing the image descriptions is also possible in the email drafts. It would be a less frustrating exercise to make the logos or images into clickable link to the original website. In general there is no real need to be specific about thumbnail size as the user will select one that is most suitable for their preference.