Using Self Hypnosis

Using Hypnosis The action of self hypnosis is actually the act of allowing the mind to focus on the activity of smoking. The mind will go into a state where the hypnotic platform established will be influenced by the incoming stimuli which is kept consistent. The mind will have to readjust the current thought process that accepts smoking as normal and a seemingly uneventful and natural act, to another mindset that encourages the thought of revulsion and total disinterest in such as activity. The hypnotic influence the self hypnosis would have to create would be that there is no longer a need to be influenced and directed to smoke every time the urge to do so takes over the person’s thought process. The daily elements the mind is “fed” with in terms of the acceptability of the smoking addiction can be expanded and contracted within the boundaries of the mind until they change the thought process either for better or worse. Thus there is every possibility of creating a positive influence which will extend to the mind rejecting the need to smoke or have the nicotine addiction as part of the daily life cycle of the individual. There are a lot of self hypnosis methods and books available for the individual to explore but the main idea would be to ensure the hypnosis is to be the focus of firmly changing the behavior into a more positive one.