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Motivation is a great deal badmouthed, over-franchised, overpromoted, and misconceived term. The word, „Motive‟ is delineated as that within the individual, rather than outside, which incites him or her to action; an idea, need, emotion, or organic state that cues to action. For each one of your goals, make a habit to repeat again and again, “„I want to-I can,‟ „I want to-I can.‟ Devise a simple, fresh affirmative self-talk vocabulary about yourself. Pay attention to whether you‟re driven to impress others or if you‟re very inspired to get something. (And then lean toward the latter). A Tool Motivation is a force, which moves us to action, and it springs from within the individual. If you get „butterflies‟ in your stomach prior to a performance, accept them as butterflies. Butterflies are nice. When they start to eat you, they’re like moths. Moths in your stomach are not nice. They induce ulcers. Butterflies are exceptional. Moths? Not so much. Positive stress, produced by desire, is like a bow pulled taut to move the arrow to the bull‟s-eye. In a totally tension-free state, you’re either comatose or lifeless. What a person truly needs isn’t a tensionless state, however the striving and struggling for a goal that’s worthy of him or her. Often, we mistakenly attempt to get rid of all of our wants and the stress we think they produce. Unluckily, it‟s not the desires that produce the damaging stress, it‟s the dread and doubt and worry and attachment that brings on the negative stress. The hurdle is to hold the bow taut with the tension of our wants and then joyfully celebrate every step of the process as we move toward our goal with flexibility, patience and enthusiasm. And, re-orienting our relationship to fear is always an exceptional thing. Those butterflies? Let‟s learn to smile at them rather than let them evolve into moths that eat us up. Working at techniques to manage stress is a bit like trying to win the Indy 500 by putting a governor on the motor of your racing car or switching out a powerful V-12 for a V4 since it provides a „quieter ride.‟ You wouldn‟t do that. Not if you were after the checkered flag. No ace is about to give his opponents an edge. Nor should you by trying to relax when the pressure‟s on. The most readily identifiable persona of a total winner is an attitude of personal optimism and exuberance. How‟s your optimism and exuberance? After years of analyzing learned helplessness, there’s information on how we may learn to be more optimistic, and, naturally, why we ought to care. For now, know it‟s big and you’re able to do much about it. And, exuberance. Exuberance comes from the Greek and literally means “God within.” That‟s awesome. When we‟re on (or “total winners”), we‟ve got the higher power in the house and the world realizes it via the exuberance and motivation that radiates from inside!