Choose A Great Punch Line

Most banner ads require a punch line to drive home the point of the ad or to make a statement that would adequately get the overall message across. These punch lines should be well designed and careful thought should be given to its content. The punch line is the element that is going contribute to the prospect wanting to explore further. Get Attention Here are some recommendations that should be considered when designing punchlines:  Punch lines chosen should have a connective reference to the subject matter of the banner ads. Random one-liners will not serve the purpose of the overall ad well thus defeating the main purpose of getting the ad recognized. The viewing audience should be able to have a point of reference from the punch line to the banner ad being viewed.  Punch lines should not be designed to be obscure where only a small percentage of the viewing audience will be able to relate to it. The idea of banner ads is to reach a wide target audience and not a focused few. If the punch line chosen can be understood randomly then the correct choice was made.  Punch line should be brief as lengthy ones will get lost in translation. When the viewer is not able to instantly catch on then the punch line has not been well phrased. Punch lines can also contain witty remarks, sound effects, facial expressions and voice inflections. These can be added to create the excitement enhancing factor that will get the designed message across more effectively.  The design of the punch line should also fit the demographics and the technical capabilities of the target audience. Designing material that is confusing and uninteresting to the audience based on their understanding capacities will eventually render the banner ads null and void in its quest to be well received.