Make Sure You Have Great Copy

Although banner ads are an ideal form of advertising platforms for the internet marketing arena there should be some serious thought put into the exercise of designing these ads. Visibility and quality are something that should get consideration in making a copy that would be both attractive and attention grabbing. What You Say Making a great copy would entail focusing on some important elements and the following are just some recommendation to consider:  Visibility of the banner should ideally also consider the size aspect of the design. Selecting the best size that would create the desired impact on the viewer is how the popularity of the banner ads is heightened. Ideal size banner ads are full size which should be about 468 x 60 pixels, vertical banner ads should be about 120 x 240 pixels and the button size banner ad should be about 120 x 90 or 120 x 120 pixels.  Flashing banner ads are more likely to catch the attention of the view as compared to still ones. It would be better to make use of the .gif images to make the flashing and rolling well placed to ensure the viewer is not irritated by the less than acceptable standards. Also having fewer frames improves the loading time thus giving the viewer a more efficiently run viewing.  Adding footer lines at the bottom of the banner ads is also recommended as it helps add the sites to URL. Choosing to add some catchy notes at the bottom of the ads is also a good idea. The message content should be simplified while using the combined text and visual data.  Posing questions in a visible and competition style design will create a good and interesting copy for the banner ads.  Most banner ads today rely heavily on animations as this seems to be an effective attention grabbing tool.