Use Attention Words Like Free And New

Attention grabbing is the main aim of banner ads and if this is not effectively evident then the banner ad has not managed to successfully contribute to its purpose. The banner ads are supposed to the front line draw to the actual site‟s content and so using words that would make this draw more effective is worth exploring. Peak Interest Using words such as free and new are some of the more popular choices to make as these words play on the minds of the viewer right from the start of the viewing process. Anything that is touted to be free is considered attractive and thus compelling the viewer to explore further into the site visited. With this promise of something free the initial intention of getting the prospect to become an actual viewing participant is achieved. This is especially beneficial to the host if the free promised is tagged to a purchase or any other type of firm commitment. Therefore using the free element to acquire all this is indeed an area worth pursuing. However the free item should be something useful and not something that the viewer would eventually deem a waste of time and effort as this will eventually cause the adverse effects to occur. This is very important to ensure the banner ads are not looked upon as some sort of spam which is definitely an unappreciated item. Using the term new also play a similar role in the quest to enticing the visitor to make a commitment or purchase. Most people enjoy being able to acquire the latest or newest of anything available, thus by implying that it is possible to do so just by viewing the banner ads then it would not be too difficult a task to follow.