Choose A Relevant Topic

As eBook are predominantly designed for a specific target audience there should ideally be some thought put into the topic matter to be featured in it. The content provided in the eBook should ideally reflect the information, solutions, problem encounters and other related material that would be useful to the reader focused that the particular subject. Therefore choosing topic to write about should be done with some thought and care to ensure the choice made is interesting, attention grabbing and competitive in the eBook arena of current times. Suggestions The following are some suggestions of how to choose relevant topics: Determining and understanding the reasons for writing the eBook should be clearly established even before the exercise to write begins. Questions such as is it being written for monetary gain, promotional reasons, expansion of knowledge, creating an online presence or any of the other motivating reasons should be addressed. Conducting a thorough market research exercise to determine what is currently causing a “buzz” and the online keywords that are popularly used is also another way to determine a suitable choice topic to write on. Considering a topic that has a personal connection to the individual is also something that can be explored as such material is often well received as others are able to relate to such personal style content. “How to” ebooks are another popular option to choose to write on. However if one decides to do this kind of eBook the information contained in the book should be both of sound and substantiated material. A lot of research and thought needs to be put into this style of content. Having a brainstorming session with colleagues, friends, family and basically anyone who is willing to listen or already connected to the eBook scene, to come up with topics is also a viable way to get ideas.