Put Your E-book Together

Put It Together Following the eBook compiler options the individual would have to assign a suitable title for the intended eBook listing and then enter the content about the page while setting the e-book’s window parameters. Using the eBook compiler files the next step would be to select the eBook folder and set up the order of the files and assign a start up page. For security reasons the individual would be expected to set up the user password with a combination of serial numbers for the intended eBook posting. The toolbar usage would require the eBook compiler toolbar icon to be keyed in. the individual would have to select the buttons, assign the captions for the chosen buttons and icons for the toolbar corresponding actions. The eBook compiler bookmarks is where the individual would insert bookmarks or links that would be displayed at the navigational page of the eBook design content. Generating the branding capabilities through the ebrander with the selection parameters can be done in the eBook compiler branding phase. The compilation stage of the process requires the individual to create and save the eBook. Using other time saving tips when compiling the eBook is also encouraged. Another eBook compiler tip that is rather useful in the pop up tool tips points. This tool is accessed whenever the individual places the cursor over any area that requires some sort of action. The tool tip information will then appear informing the viewer of the next course of action that needs to be taken to proceed smoothly. This is better that having to revert to the manual and wasting a substantial amount to precious time and energy.