The Dangers Of A Damaged Ego

A damaged ego does not value itself because it doesn‟t have a healthy vibrant shape that can summon confidence and self worth. It can remain damaged. An individual can undermine their own self worth through negative self talk and may even carry out activities that undermine their worth in the eyes of others and thereby surround themselves with more opinions that will strangle their crippled ego. Pay Attention There are two main dangers with damaged egos, firstly when the individual doesn‟t seek to repair their ego or secondly when they try to repair it through any means possible, especially while relying on self deception and the opinions of others. The latter danger can be the most damaging or catastrophic. A damaged ego can lead to arrogance and the exaggeration of one‟s worth and accomplishments. We have all met these persons. The ones who are so depressed by cause of the damage to their ego enter a downward spiral. They withdraw and become uncommunicative and don‟t desire company and feel worthless and project themselves in that way. This projection of their worthlessness becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Those with over inflated egos become objectionable and arrogant or worse can develop into bullies. A healthy ego enables an individual to feel comfortable about themselves and who they are while acknowledging their own strengths and weaknesses. It is also more insightful of the 0opinions of others and therefore can‟t be the victim of vicious deflated egos that seek to undermine it in order to feel better about them. A person may have amazing qualities but if they can‟t acknowledge their own worth through their own eyes and with their own judgment they may not allow them to fully shine and reveal themselves.