Engage With Life

To engage with life means to awaken one to the opportunities that are present in life. The key to staying engaged with life means to stay hungry for life. If we lose our hunger then there is a danger that we will become apathetic and we will no longer challenge ourselves and instead we may just sit back and fail to achieve our real potential. Get On The Right Path To stay hungry for life it is essential that we must set new goals, take on new challenges and be open to new experiences. All of these things may bring about a certain level of discomfort but we need to experience this discomfort to propel ourselves forward and keep us engaged with life. When we become too comfortable in life we stop growing and will lose our appetite for life. There is a real danger that we will sleepwalk through life and then one day wake up and realize that we aren‟t living the life that we had envisaged we would have. If as individuals we find ourselves depressed or apathetic about life it is important to assess what is happening in our lives and figure out what changes need to be made to ignite the passion within. Often our passion dies when we aren‟t engaged in activities that challenge us, spur on our creativity or force us to grow. Living a passionate life makes us excited to get out of bed in the morning. Opening the door to the possibility that there is more out there is vital to living a fulfilling life. Whilst having gratitude and being appreciative of what you already have is important, if you fail to allow yourself to want more you are robbing yourself and those around you of the best experience that life has to offer.