Define Goals

Workshops need to be valuable experiences for everyone who attends. Many workshops are a waste of time because there is no clear goal kept at the centre of discussion and attendees come away from the workshop wondering what it was all about or what its purpose was. Without this clear goal there is no real point in getting people together to attend a workshop. What Do You Want To Accomplish Every workshop must have a clearly defined goal. The goal is the desired result that the organization envisions, plans and commits to achieve. The reasons behind organizing a workshop may be many and various. It may be that an organization wants to focus on its recruitment procedure. Other businesses may need to undertake some team building activities for newly formed teams. Another reason could be to teach better organizational skills to a section of the staff. The workshop organizer has to define the workshop goals that represent the intended outcomes of the workshop and are aligned to the participant’s needs and interests. It is important to define at least two goals; one goal that focuses on the workshop content and one goal that focuses on taking actions. Coupled with this it is important to identify objectives for each session of the workshop, the objectives being the steps leading to achieving goals. Thought must be given to what it is the organization wants the participants to know at the end of the session. Once that is known it is possible to form well constructed goals. With well defined goals the presenter of the workshop can organize appropriate challenges for the participants, challenges that will direct and motivate their learning. It is important to remember that the work shop goals are not the same as the workshop objectives. The objectives are the steps to achieving the workshop goals. Each element of the workshop is an objective aimed at achieving the workshop goals. A workshop with clearly defined goals is on track to being successful.