Happy Marriage Basics

The Basics Respect one another. Do not easily pick on each other’s bad habits or weaknesses. Give each other chances for improvements. Also, pay attention to what your spouse speaks of or when they dress up. Your spouse needs you. A slight nod or a smile with some proper conversation may uplift his/her spirit. Consider each other’s privacy. Do not interfere too much with the privacy and space of your spouse. Being overly conscious and curious about what your spouse does will cause strains in the relationship. Do not always expect your spouse to treat you better. Do not be calculative, in the sense that expecting your spouse to give you more than you give to him/her. Do more for your spouse, helping and supporting each other in times of need. Speak positive to your spouse. Say nice words frequently to motivate your spouse for what he/she did- this will enlighten your spouse and make him/her happier. Focus on what happens presently or in the future yet not looking back at mistakes made. However, learn from your mistakes. Do not be too close or flirt with the opposite sex other than your spouse. This may threaten your spouse’s feelings and cause distrust towards each other. Flirting with others may form habits, and it can be harmful to the spousal relationship over time. Marriage bonds two, but not always two becoming one. Being too close or understanding each other too much may also trigger annoyance and tension whenever things turn ugly. A separation can increase the desire to be with each other and a feeling of having to cherish each other. Of course, do not separate too much.