Work At Being Friends And Lovers

Marriage needs long-term maintenance. Respect, love, and patience are some values that couples share to hold the marriage together. Working at being friends and lovers is an objective and responsibility that a couple should hold onto to have a happy marriage. It Takes Work Stop having bad fights. This is crucial and you must avoid this to avoid turning things worse. Friends know what a bad fight is and a good fight. Do not start a quarrel with your spouse when a small problem occurs. Even doing so, do not delay to apologize. Settle the matter immediately so that it will not grow into bigger problems that are hard to resolve. Spend time enjoying each other. Do not neglect your spouse’ need to be with you at times just because you have something else to busy do. Spend some time with each other even for a small conversation about family managing, or a work situation that you are involved with. Spending some quality time together can also build friendship, thus preventing divorce. Develop love and intimacy rituals. Here is how you could improve intimacy between husband and wife. Do not take everything for granted, or as a habit. Even little things like greeting your spouse when you just arrive home will affect the intimacy levels. Greet your spouse the same way you greet your friends. Show that you are so happy to see him/her. It will also channel positive energy to your children. Give pleasure instead of pain. What you or your spouse does changes situations; either into a better one or a worse one. Do not expect your spouse to act positively first, you should also do something to change the situation. You would not want your best friend to turn away from you, betray you, and leave you alone, right?