Identify Your Goal

Your time and energy are extremely treasured, so it’s better to invest a little parcel of time to set the correct goals. You don’t wish to waste your efforts on ill set goals and end up crying over spilled milk after finding out you’ve spent your time vainly. You don’t need to be blowing time on goals you never really wanted in the first place. What Are You Aiming For As you arrange your goal, you need to see to it that they stick with the principles below. These are what will guide you to decide the right goals so that you might pursue them. 1. Assure congruency with your life purpose. Your goals have to be specified in the context of your life purpose. Everything in your life ought to be in line with your purpose. Your purpose is the focus for everything in your life. If your goals and your purpose are not congruous with one another, it either connotes: a) Your goals are not in line with what you wish to achieve. If so, review them to perceive your central motives for listing them b) You’ve limited the definition of your purpose. If this is the case, try to build on the definition of your purpose. Do you realize what your purpose is? By differentiating your purpose, you then have absolute clarity on your direction and focus in life. The last thing you need to do is to spend your whole life trying to grow apples when you truly wanted oranges. 2. Assure your goal is an 80/20 goal. How much does this goal interest you? Is this goal a fundamental goal in your life – in other words, an 80/20 goal? Your 80/20 goal refers to the 20 percent of goals which when achieved, will give you 80 percent of the collective happiness from achieving all your goals. What are these 20% goals, which really interest you? These are what you should begin centering on. 3. Grasp your motives. Have you ever had an experience where you pursued a goal totally, only to distinguish you never truly required it? There are a few basic symptoms, which come out when you don’t truly wish a particular goal: like self-sabotaging yourself in your goal quest, losing interest during the goal achievement process, feeling hollow after the goal has been achieved. As you ascertain your goal, be unclouded on your fundamental motives. Your goal should be something that you truly wish, and not what others wish for you. How come you need this goal? Is it for you or for others? What will you achieve out of getting this goal? Being clear on your fundamental wants will drive you ahead in the times when you face obstructions. If you find yourself setting a goal, which isn’t what you truly wish but what others wish you to accomplish, it’s a sign that you’re chasing imposed purposes -purposes placed on you by others around you. It’s the opposite of freeing purposes – purposes that are live creations by you and your cognizance.