Stay Focused

A few may say it’s because we don’t have the essential self-control to achieve what we set out to do. Some say it’s because we’re too busy or too deluged to take action on our goal. My guess is it could be any of those things, but it’s more likely that you’ve just set off down a path without your compass and you’ve started to lose your way. Instead of spieling off a list of things, you “should” do for whatever reason, sit down and think about what it is you truly wish to accomplish and set a solid intent for achieving your goal. I also suggest that you center on only one or two intentions at once. Regardless what it is that you would like to accomplish, setting an intent may and will set you on a course for success. Get Diligent Here are 5 top hints to finally accomplishing your goal: Hint 1 Get clear. In setting an intent, you’re making it clear to yourself and to others precisely what you plan to do. Define the definition of what achieving your goal would be. For example, you know you’ve reached your goal of bettering your management skills once you consistently feel more gratified with your ability to deal with bad situations and motivate your people. You might even get that promotion you’ve been after! Hint 2 Realize that an intent comes in several sizes and every large goal is filled with intentions big and little. With follow through, each intent will finally lead to success. For example, if your resolution is to better your management skills, your first intent might be to speak with your company to determine what skills and traits you might wish to center on. Hint 3 Don‟t let confusion overwhelm your intent. You might have lots of passion about your goal, but passion without a plan is wasted energy and will finally peter out. Setting an intent to take a step towards your goal every day will keep you on the correct path and help to clear away confusion. Hint 4 Utilize your resources. Ask for what you wish and need from others. When you clearly state your intent and your request of others, you’ve the chance to gain a partner and a cheering section. For example, if you look up to someone‟s management style, ask him or her for tips and maybe even support. Chances are they’ll be flattered and really willing to share advice. Hint 5 Be accountable. Pick out your goals carefully by deciding what truly interests you. You could ask someone you trust to help keep you accountable. Nevertheless, nothing may take the place of honoring your intentions to yourself. You’ll be astonished at how your selfesteem and sense of achievement will increase when you accomplish your goals.