The Importance Of Quitting Smoking Today

Benefits Financial – Assuming a pack of cigarettes cost $5. Most smokers smoke an average of 10 sticks a day. That means the average smoker needs to have 3.5 packs a week or 14 packs a month. If one pack costs $5, then the cost of smoking per month is $70. Annually it would cost $840. You can have a pretty good holiday with $840. You can also buy many new things with $840. You can get an iPad, iPhone, new pc, new golf clubs and many more items. That means you get a bonus of $840 every year for each year that you have given up smoking. This means going on a holiday or buying a new gadget every year from the money you saved from quitting smoking. Sociability – Many countries are now enforcing no-smoking zones in public areas like cinemas, shopping malls, government departments, air-con retail outlets, restaurants and others. Role model – it would be great to quit smoking especially if you have young children. Kids at this age are very impressionable. If they see that their dad or uncle smoke, they would probably be inclined to try it. It would be hypocritical to tell someone not to smoke as it is bad for them when the advice is coming from a smoker. They will not believe what they hear and will do otherwise. It is recommended to not smoke in front of children. If you need to smoke, do so in a private environment with no fear of affecting anyone.